The experience of undergoing fertility treatment can be a time of great stress for most people, whether the outcome is successful or not. The medicalisation of the process of conception, with its attendant cycles of hope and despair can be very difficult to handle. Given the emotional challenges which are involved in this particular journey it is not surprising that many people can benefit from talking to an experienced therapist during this time. Having a regular, dependable space in which to explore and process thoughts and feelings with a non-judgmental trained person who is aware of the complex issues involved can be an invaluable support at a time when feelings of loneliness and isolation can emerge. Vanessa Waddell is an integrative counsellor and has been a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) since 2012. She has developed a specialism in counselling for baby loss, miscarriage and fertility treatment issues. 

She provides private counselling at the CRP Clinic in Epsom, Surrey. If you would like to speak to Vanessa in order to discuss arranging an initial assessment, she can be reached on 07846 305 384  Alternatively, you can visit her website at where there is more information about Vanessa's background and qualifications.

Cost per Session: £50 (Session 50 minutes)